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Are Adult Dating Sites Saturated?

Stocking clad Milf takes selfie in a changing room. Seeks younger men for casual encounters and daring sex meets.
Stocking clad Milf takes selfie in a changing room. Seeks younger men for casual encounters and daring sex meets.

When the first online adult dating site launched, people got all excited because, finally, all their sexual fantasies will become true. I mean, hey, let’s face it, the typical adult all-American guy’s fantasy is to find adult dates and random sex with random females with absolutely no emotional entanglement and strings attached.

For the most part, all their fantasies became true. Unfortunately, that golden moment of wish fulfillment was short lived. Why? Well, as the word got around on the internet that there is such a thing as online adult dating, all these guys came out of the woodwork.

Believe me, when adult dating first launched, there was some semblance of a healthy ratio between male and female. We’re talking about maybe 2 to 1. Today, that would be a best case scenario. You really have struck pay dirt or gold if you end up on an online adult dating site that has a 2 to 1 ratio. That would be an ideal website, just hop on over here.

Unfortunately, those are few and far between. As the whole concept of online adult dating became more and more popular, more guys showed up at such websites and completely destroyed the ratio. Now, you’re lucky if you find a website that has a nice 10 to 1 ratio. That’s how bad it is.

In fact, many of the typical online adult dating sites have so many guys and so few women that you can easily be forgiven for thinking that that website is a gay dating site. Seriously. It’s that bad. It’s like a sausage factory. It’s very hard to find chicks.

Now, considering that reality, it’s not a surprise that a lot of guys think that the online adult dating scene is saturated. Well, that’s not necessarily true. If you were to fix the following 3 factors, you probably would be able to find a dating site that would meet your needs. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be successful with the ladies, but at the very least, you would improve your odds.

The reality is that when it comes to modern online adult dating, you just need to work on your odds and things will fall into place. As long as you find yourself at the right website with the right odds, you have a higher and likely chance of getting what you’re looking for.

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