Naughty 18 year old blonde loves to masturbate in front of an audience

The Sexy Fox was just laying there on her stomach, ass in the air, with the pink string of her panties hidden in her ass crack.  With the angle of the cam you could just see her pussy peeking out from between her legs covered in pink.  She reached back and started rubbing her ass, fingers following the flow of her ass down to her pussy.  I continued watching as SexyHot18 rolled onto her side; legs spread widely, and let her fingers start playing with her panty covered pussy.  It was a leisurely play.  She was not hurried and almost acted like no one was watching.

How long could you watch her rub that pussy before you would become extremely horny?  For me it was exactly 4 minutes, then I pushed the button.  It was almost like she had no idea we were suddenly alone except for her loud “ohhhhhh”, as she slid off her panties and started playing with her pussy again.  This sexy fox then asked me what I wanted to see and I just answered keep playing.  The only response from her was “Thank you, please turn on your cam.”  I quickly went turned on my cam and then settled back to watch this hot blonde play with her pussy.  I could see her reach over to the side and soon I saw a long slender vibrator in her hands.  Without me saying another word she started slowly working the long vibrator in and out of her pussy making small grunts and moans.  The last words I heard her say was, “Thank you, I was so horny.”  Somehow, she is always “so horny” every time I see her.  Is she for you, too?

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